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The BLAXTAR is the brightest shining star in the Galaxy. It was born 4 billion years ago and is a close relative of the Sun. The BLAXTAR is a lone star. It is elusive and free from the gravitational pulls of the solar system, allowing it to travel all over the universe in search of blazing stars in every galaxy. The BLAXTAR spends countless light years in search of blazing stars. When a star is found, they merge, forming a new and larger BLAXTAR, shining even brighter than before. Together, the search continues.

In our current society, we must remain aware of the world around us, reconnect with nature, and experience the present with all of our senses. The challenges we face in our day to day lives have made it difficult for people to make their personal care a true priority. Our purpose is to enlighten individuals to the benefits of all natural ingredients and a healthy lifestyle.

BLAXTAR ESSENTIALS is a personal care brand created to address a growing need for functional, sustainable, and innovative products. We create chemical-free, hand-made cosmetics and home essentials with ingredients and techniques originating from all over the world.